Sweet Harvest Moon

Hi, I'm Sara.
I'm a 24 year old blogger. I love everything about nature, books, mountains and seventies rock music.
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    A Life full of Purpose

    During the course of our lifetime, moments come and go. Some of the are moments that we would love to be part of whilst others- not so much. However sometimes things we end up taking up do not go as planned. When this happens. we end up getting frustrated because are are the kind of people who prefer having things done in our own way in our own time. 

    However, God created us for His purpose and each of us are tasked with an assignment given to us by God. God, in His amazing plan for us, has marked everything in our lives to take place according to His time. God knows is better than anyone else and therefore naturally, abiding by His direction will lead us towards fruitfulness. 

    Remember that you were created with purpose and just like everyone else, the moment will come when you get to go out into the world and shine the light of Christ.


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